Saturday, June 28, 2008

Short Story on Radio National New Zealand

I’m a big fan of short fiction. I enjoy reading, writing and listening to short stories. My bookcases at home are lined with collections written by authors from a range of countries. I buy more short story collections than I do novels. One of my own stories is on radio this week. The following details were published on the web by Radio National.

Wednesday 2 July 2008
Stories Bodies Tell by Maxine Alterio
An embalmer with abandonment issues wrestles with how he’s going to tell the woman he loves what he does for a living, without scaring her off.
Read by Julian Wilson
Published by Vintage
ISBN Number: 1-86941-797-6
Episode 1 of 2

Thursday 3 July 2008
Stories Bodies Tell by Maxine Alterio
Episode 2 of 2

Yes, like my historical novel ‘Ribbons of Grace’, this contemporary short story is also set in Central Otago.


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