Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Seresin/Landfall Otago University Press Writing Residency

During September and October 2013 I spent six weeks as writer in residence at Waterfall Bay, a beautiful secluded spot in the Marlborough Sounds where I worked on a second collection Stories Bodies Tell and a third novel Wait for Me. Shortly after arriving I fell into a daily rhythm of writing, walking, thinking, reading and writing again. In the evenings I recorded in the attached notebook, a gift from a friend, my reflections on reading for pleasure and reading for research purposes, observations about adapting to a bush-clad landscape and extreme weather patterns, and insights into the benefits of abandoning regular life for a while to focus solely on the work of writing. My first experience of a residency has convinced me to apply for others. First, though, I must unpack then revisit the words I wrote at the bay.

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